frequently asked questions


Where is your shop based? 

Our shop is based in Kuwait.

When will my order be shipped?

2-5 day is my usual turn around for orders, depending on how busy I am especially since I work alone so things can get hectic!

Do you ship to ___ ?

Yes! We ship worldwide.

Orders to the GCC usually take 2-3 business days while orders internationally take about 4-5 business days. OH, You also get a tracking number!

Do you deliver everywhere in Kuwait?

Most of the time yes! Additionally, we have free delivery all over Kuwait. 

What payment options do you offer?

We offer Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Knet, KFast, Benefit Bahrain, Mada, NAPS, Sadad, Visa Debit UAE

My order is missing! Help!

No worries, email your issue and we will try to send you your missing parcel. However, please allow unto 10 business days before contacting us about if there are any missing orders.

Do I get charged once I receive my order?

In certain countries like the UK, you may get charged a large custom fee around 30 GBP depending on the size of your order. Unfortunately this is not something we can control due to international tax laws.


Do you do commissions? 

Yes I do! If you are a business and have a fun proposition please email me at with your brief, budget and good vibes.

I ordered a portrait, when will I receive it? 

Since I illustrate every portrait, it takes me a while so expect 3-4 days for a sketch and 10-14 days total for the final illustration! However, it may be faster if I have some time on my hands

Do you do pet portraits?

Hell yeah! Send me all your cute pets to draw.


What do you use to draw?

I use an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Illustrator and photoshop for adjustments. 


Where else can we find you!

You can find me on tiktok, instagram, twitter and YouTube all under the title Coffee & Castoffs (@coffeeandcastoffs)